kota's memex

botanical gardens

Located just below the lovely Northern Cemetery, the gardens are home to a variety of the cities ducks, pigeons (lots of kereru), black birds, rosella, and a bird sanctuary with rare birds from all over aotearoa and australia.

lower gardens

The lower gardens is more "park-like" and has a cafe (not a good one), rose garden, japanese garden, duck pond, and beautiful flowers lining most paths. There are lots of great places to sit and read. A group of locals go on runs around the park in the morning and there's a kids "train" ride around the paths some days.

upper gardens

The upper gardens are more rugged and trail like and feature a large geographic plant collection which includes plants and trees from every continent. The bird sanctuary for injured or endangered bird which seeks to raise and release young into safe areas around the country. There's an extensive rhododendron dell to get lost in, absolutely stunning in the early spring.