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length: 60km (37mi)
type: loop hiking
high point: Luxmore Saddle 1,400m (4,600ft)
low point: Lake Manapouri, 178m (584ft)
season: summer to autumn

The trail is situated outside of te anau at the beginnings of fiordland proper. It's most commonly completed counter-clockwise with the walk starting at the 'control gates'.

It first works it's way past 'brod bay', a cozy campsite (one of only two official sites on the trail), and is relatively easy traveling through the jungle floor for the first several kilometers. After the bay the trail marches upward with long easy switchbacks. The scenery smoothly transitions from moss and fern covered beds with large trees to stubby wind worn trees and shrubs before releasing you onto the beginnings of an all day stunning rideline walk.

Near the start of the ridge is the luxmore hut and a cave side trail (with a well known freedom camping spot nearby). It's very large and can be used to refill water while passing through.

kepler 2023

I brought my camera when I hiked the kepler in 2023 with some friends. Jazzi edited it into a slick little video.