kota's memex


Host your grocery lists or shared text files on nilsu. Uses a sqlite database and an elegant and fast UI.


We now have a package server. Currently, only for void linux, but it's pretty cool being able to package up my own projects, install, update, and search for them on different computers and easily share them with henry and matthew.


We run a matrix server with synapse. Currently this is setup via an ansible playbook. It's not the simplest solution, but it works very well for now. In the future I would like to replace synapse+ansible with a solid dendrite setup on openbsd. Dendrite isn't quite ready yet, still needs to support mobile notifications.


Currently the server is hosted in montana by henry with a wireguard tunnel to the main server in california. It's not ideal, but works shockingly well for now.


Currently this one is also hosted by henry in montana with the same wireguard tunnel. It's very light weight so we just leave this running even though we rarely play it.

stardew valley

We have a stardew valley server now too! It's hosted by matthew in baltimore and has some cool mods.

https://paste.nilsu.org/stardew_valley_linux.zip https://paste.nilsu.org/stardew_valley_osx.pkg https://paste.nilsu.org/stardew_valley_windows.exe https://paste.nilsu.org/stardew_mods.zip


We have a few recipes up on https://recipes.nilsu.org matthew and I currate the recipes and both have push access to a repo which automatically compiles the hugo site and rsync's it to nilsu.


I've been running a pastebin server for several years now. It used to use paste.cf, but that domain expired and couldn't be renewed so now it's on nilsu.


Finally got tired of all the major invidious instances going offline so I setup a quick invidious server.


We're currently hosting a small peertube server on nilsu. It's hosted by me in aotearoa. It doesn't have many videos just uses the default (kinda ugly) theming. It would also be nice to use the same accounts as we use for other things.


Nilsu actually does have rtmp livestreaming with nginx, but there's no real ui or indication of this. From OBS you can add nilsu.org/live as a custom server and put in any token you'd like. I use kota for my token. The steam will then be viewable in vlc, mpv, or any other decent video players at: rtmp://nilsu.org/live/kota


I think it would be nice to have a simple torrent server on nilsu. You give it a torrent file or magnet, it downloads it, and then seeds it. There would be a web interface to add and remove them easily. This could be used for the obvious reasons, but also for sending out big files to everyone easily such as videos, or music or pictures I'm working on.


Eventually I'd like to allow for uploading and changing your ssh keys through a web interface. Additionally I want to move /home onto a physical server with lots more storage in aotearoa.


Nilsu currently has syncthing installed. Anyone can use it, but they need to ssh into nilsu, start a user service, and then run an ssh tunnel command so they can configure nilsu's synapse via their browser. This could be vastly improved.