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Te Whanganui-a-Tara (or Wellington) - The windiest city in the world.
population: 215,200

Māori oral tradition tells that Kupe discovered and explored the region in about the 10th century. The area was initially settled by Māori iwi such as Rangitāne and Muaūpoko. The disruptions of the Musket Wars led to them being overwhelmed by northern iwi such as Te Āti Awa by the early 19th century. Today it is the capital of New Zealand and has significantly more culture and appeal than most of the other cities of this country.


coffee outdoors

One of the best outdoors shops in the country.


All vegan Italian restaurant. The place to go for a nice night out.

midnight espresso

Late night coffee shop on cuba street.

counter culture

Board game cafe. Open quite late and with some vegan food.

belen bakery

All vegan bakery. Voted best bakery in the city.

the nut store

Probably not lucas's favorite place. It's a small shop selling nuts.