kota's memex

My friends and I have been playing the new viral word game for the last few weeks. It's been good fun and a nice way to keep in touch with people living very far away. Perhaps it wont last, it's not the best game design after all, but for now I've been enjoying it. Apparently, the game was sold to the New York Times and they updated the website yesterday. It doesn't appear to be covered with ads yet, but my browser does try to download various tracking scripts and something called show-ads.js with ublock origin disabled.

Luckily, the game is very simple and the format for sharing your result is just some text. I heard you could download a wordlist with all the answers for the next several years. So, I thought it'd be fun to write a simple TUI clone. I'd been meaning to try out the new bubbletea library anyway.

After an hour or two last night I had a mostly working version thrown together. I named my clone jotto after learning about an older nearly identical board game played with pen/paper. The whole program worked out to be about 200 lines long, but thousands more if you're counting the libraries. It even puts your results in your clipboard in the same format as the original website so it's easy to share with your friends. My partner says that feature was added cause some people here in NZ were manually typing their results with those emoji's. Pretty neat if that's true.