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Tāmaki Makaurau (or Auckland) - The most populous city by a huge margin.
population: 1,440,300

The Auckland isthmus was settled by Māori circa 1350, and was valued for its rich and fertile land. Many pā (fortified villages) were created, mainly on the volcanic peaks. The introduction of firearms at the end of the eighteenth century, which began in Northland, upset the balance of power and led to devastating intertribal warfare beginning in 1807, causing iwi who lacked the new weapons to seek refuge in areas less exposed to coastal raids. As a result, the region had relatively low numbers of Māori when settlement by European New Zealanders began.

While Auckland certainly has better transit than most north american cities, including a train system and working bus system, the city is still devastated by urban sprawl and massive freeways tearing apart the city. Compared to other cities in aotearoa it is a car infested hellscape.


boulder co

Pretty nice bouldering gym, but located uncomfortably outside the city.

tart bakery

A vegan bakery across from the train station.