kota's memex

on copyright

A system of stealing science and art from the common ownership of the masses into the hands of the rich.

free software

The spirit of cooperation once prevalent among hackers.

on piracy

Creative works are the shared property of humanity.

on procrastination

Procrastination is more likely when the task is meaningful and the individual cares about doing it well.

on guns

The american fetish.

on israel

The west's military installation in the middle east.


Nice little graphic that helps bring the insane hoarding of wealth into perspective.


A long and thorough explanation of how the democratic primaries were able to ensure Bernie lost despite his unprecedented lead. The known history of election rigging and electric voting machines is covered and an argument is made that Bernie would've lost the general election anyway. Not out of a lack of popularity, but rather that the democrats would much prefer Trump to Bernie.


Long and detailed explanation about how the spartans were nothing like the pop-culture imagination many have of them today. Post gets VERY cringe at times by comparing horrific practices in Sparta to whatever the US claims it's state enemies are doing without putting any thought into it. If you can get past that it's otherwise a good article.


What purpose? What purpose does a fucking bear have? The job of a bear is to be a bear. Productivity-brain prevents us from ever valuing the base essence of something, the thing itself. Everything is always for something else - a tool to achieve some other thing. You aren't on vacation to experience a vacation. You are on vacation to "rest and recharge" so you can work more later.


All police forces operate similarly to gangs.