kota's memex

operating system design

Every now and then I day-dream of writing my own ideal system.

tui podcast client

tui version of my tide program

tui version of my weather program

tui network manager client

Maybe it shouldn't based on network manager?


A web wormhole client.


A tui syncthing client. Connects to an existing syncthing daemon, or in standalone mode allows you to create and stop a daemon while the tool is running.

zoom and pan wm

Desktop paradigm supporting "zooming out" and "panning" around your windows.

block game

I've wanted to make a minecraft clone since I first played it back in 2011.

tui ascii art editor

Drawing ascii art in vim is a huge pain in the ass even with various plugins and setting ve=all.


A tool for opening a youtube stream quickly. Opens a launcher like "books" which lists channels, and then lists active streams for the selected channel (or plays immediately if they only have one stream).

tui youtube client

Just a simple tui tool that lets you subscribe to channels, organize them with tags, show their latest video (or all their videos), and open them with your system video player.

system settings

For linux users without full fledged desktop environments.

minimal gsconnect

A simple unixy daemon for gsconnect.


A unixy raw photo editor.

Dependable Pigeon

Email-based git project dependency checker.


Web to gemini portal.

better battery

Print battery percentage, run commands when falling below certain values.


Super fast boggle solver.

box arranger

Takes a list of rectangles and arranges them in a larger rectangle with minimal overlaps. Kinda like the gnome overview screen.


Literally just a learn to type program.

url shortener

URL shorteners are stupid, so lets make them even worse.


Program to record last 30 seconds when a button is pressed. Useful for jazzi when watching gymnasics.

fuji file sync

Simple file sync tool for fuji cameras (using the wireless mode).